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Construction is in our blood

The love and legacy of

a family-owned business

The story of Kinshasa homes actually begins in the Congo, where Panchoo Campbell was kidnapped as part of the atrocious human trafficking trade. Despite an original destiny as a slave, he was eventually rescued and landed in Tobago a free man where he began a life as a small farmer, accumulating significant wealth, owning a home and cultivating several acres of land. He was a grand man with hard work, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit running through him. He overcame adversity and pushed through his challenges to create success for himself and his family and it is this legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation and is the lineage that has brought Kinshasa Homes to where it is now.


Panchoo was the great-grandfather of the founders of Kinshasa Homes and much like their ancestor, the Kinshasa Homes team will meet any obstacle head-on to create the most beautiful, custom designs for their clients. They never forget where they came from and this heritage is where they draw inspiration from.


It is also what motivates them to want to do more. Though Kinshasa Homes is based in Toronto, they have plans to go back to Tobago and various countries and build homes to make the world a better place, just like Panchoo did.


If you’re ready to work with passionate designers and builders who put their whole heart into each and every project, let’s get started. Book your complimentary phone consultation today.

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